Killington Ski House Transformation (cont'd)

Over the last few weeks we've been working with our client to develop our conceptual design for the project further into reality.  The images below clearly illustrate the stark contrast between existing and the proposed.  We're confident that this new structure will serve efficiently as a vital backdrop to ski outings with family and friends helping to promote the convivial atmosphere that our client desires. 

Lovelette Porch Addition (cont'd)

As mentioned in our previous post, our client has requested our firm provide Design/Build services for their porch project.  Construction is currently well underway and aside all the rain during the pouring of the concrete footings, all is going well.  The roof structure over the screen in portion will soon be complete, followed by the pergola, and finally the walls.  Look forward to final photos in the fall.

Killington Ski House Transformation

Below are the conceptual sketches of the selected design along with a photo and rendering of the existing structure.  Out of the various design options considered, this option best addressed the project goals considering elements such as views, utilization of the existing structure, budget, functionality, etc.

With rock ledge surrounding all sides of the existing structure (and a front facade that only a mother could love) we proposed locating the addition on piers above the existing driveway. In addition to orienting the main living spaces to the views of Killington Ski Mountain beyond and providing an opportunity for a new facade, it creates a covered parking area and a protected entrance on the lower level (no snow shovel required!)

Existing Structure

Existing Structure

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We've offered three schematic design options to our client, each variations of a similar idea, and Option B has been selected to move into design development. 

Lovelette Porch Addition

Most porch and deck structures lack imagination and creativity, especially those made of standard pressure treated lumber.  This project is an exercise in using simple, standard materials in an inspired way.  The composition of the project is composed of three main elements: a screened in porch, pergola, and a balcony.

The client has requested our firm provide Design/Build services for the project, so look forward to construction photos to follow sometime in June or July.