shhhhh... We're starting a furniture company.

Don't tell anyone, but we are teaming up with Todd Sirak of Sirak Woodworking to produce a number of production furniture pieces.  The goal is to create a product line focused on exceptional design and superb craftsmanship.  The renderings below represent a few of the final designs selected for prototyping.  More to come soon.

AIA VT Emerging Professionals Competition

Each year AIA VT challenges young professionals living and working in New England to participate in an annual design competition.  The competition is open to all emerging design professionals within 10 years of graduation or 5 years of licensure.

I hadn't participated prior, but it was my last opportunity to do so before becoming ineligible.  And besides, this year's format seemed a bit more challenging (in a fun way), as participants were only able to charrette for three hours prior to presenting their final designs before a jury. 

Although I didn't take the cake, I did receive an Honorable Mention for Ecological Design and part of the prize money! 

Seven Days reported on the event and the article can be found here:  Seven Days Article

The Bench Restaurant – Stowe VT

This proposal for a seating expansion for the Bench Restaurant in Stowe provides diners with an indoor/outdoor beer garden space that can be utilized throughout the year.  Through the use of the sliding wall system, the space can be tuned to correspond to current weather conditions.   This space also is intended to serve as a visual connection to potential customs giving them a glimpse of the convivial atmosphere within. 

Restaurant – Waterbury VT

We were approached by a client who felt that the creation of a restaurant and bar might be the best means to reclaim an old industrial site and turn it into a resource for the community.  The site is uniquely situated between residential neighborhood and a historically industrialized center, thus creating an interesting opportunity to address varying degrees of scales.  While the neighborhood side of the building is a single-story and more expressive of a residential character, the two-story side (illustrated in the perspective below) reflects a composition that plays off the volumes and proportions of the adjacent industrial buildings. 

Hender's Bake Shop & Cafe (cont'd)

Construction has been completed, goods baked, coffee brewed, and doors opened for business at 22 North Main Street in Waterbury VT.  More photos and information about the bakery can be found at:

That said, a much better option would be to stop in, grab a treat, and see for yourself!