Hender's Bake Shop & Cafe (cont'd)

Construction has been completed, goods baked, coffee brewed, and doors opened for business at 22 North Main Street in Waterbury VT.  More photos and information about the bakery can be found at: www.hendersbakeshop.com


That said, a much better option would be to stop in, grab a treat, and see for yourself!

Mountain Home – Stowe VT

Located atop the Stowe Pinnacle this building site has the potential to capture some extraordinary views of Mt. Mansfield and the Stowe Mountain Resort.  Our proposal capitalizes on this potential; by locating the main living spaces on the second level, views are achieved and experienced in the most important spaces.  In an effort to further support these "high value" spaces and direct funds to where they matter most, the foundation was designed to be minimal and limit expensive site work and excavation. 

Hender's Bake Shop & Cafe

We were recently challenged to transform an existing residential home into a commercial bakery and cafe with an apartment above.  We set out to do so in a way that respects the character of the old building while maximizing functionality and minimizing cost.  Historic elements were carefully retained and major structural changes were limited.  After close study of a few variations, a design has been selected that will become Hender's Bake Shop & Cafe.  Construction is slated for the spring with the grand opening scheduled for July/August. 

Lovelette Porch Addition (cont'd)

Below are the final project photos for the Lovelette Porch Addition.  The rich fall colors and the warm glow of the afternoon sunlight really help bring the structure to life, clearly we couldn't have asked for a more perfect day.

The final product is both simple and complex in its form and composition, and although constructed of simple materials, the focus on scale, proportion, asymmetrical balance, and craftsmanship, has transformed them into something meaningful and expressive.

Responsible for both the design and construction of the project, we are pleased to deliver this project to a pair of such wonderful clients.