Lovelette Porch Addition (cont'd)

Below are the final project photos for the Lovelette Porch Addition.  The rich fall colors and the warm glow of the afternoon sunlight really help bring the structure to life, clearly we couldn't have asked for a more perfect day.

The final product is both simple and complex in its form and composition, and although constructed of simple materials, the focus on scale, proportion, asymmetrical balance, and craftsmanship, has transformed them into something meaningful and expressive.

Responsible for both the design and construction of the project, we are pleased to deliver this project to a pair of such wonderful clients. 

Traveling Abroad

My wife and I have decided to embark on a three-week trip to Europe.  During our travels I will be sharing with her many of the places I visited during my travels abroad as a young architecture student. 

One such place is the Jewish Museum located in Berlin, Germany and design by architect Daniel Libeskind.  In addition to how extraordinary the building itself is, it contains one of the most moving and experiential pieces of art I've ever encountered.  The installation is called Shalekhet (Fallen Leaves) by artist Menashe Kadishman and is located in one of Libesking's "Void" spaces deep in the museum.

Should you ever you have the opportunity to visit this work of art, you'll find that the architecture, art, and history combine for an experience that is both quite horrifying and beautiful at the same time. 

Killington Ski House Transformation (cont'd)

Over the last few weeks we've been working with our client to develop our conceptual design for the project further into reality.  The images below clearly illustrate the stark contrast between existing and the proposed.  We're confident that this new structure will serve efficiently as a vital backdrop to ski outings with family and friends helping to promote the convivial atmosphere that our client desires.